Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Welcome to "Cooking with Fire"

I am so excited to start this new blog, some of you may already know me from "The Coffee Shop" , and I am really sorry I haven't posted there lately, as some of you know too, I am pregnant at this very moment, and Coffee is not exactly my best friend right now, I became the person I never thought I could be, and I can't stand the smell of coffee (luckily it might just be temporary)... But I pray I will be able to keep up with this new blog, that will be dedicated to Mexican Food, I hope I can answer questions, make you laugh, share Mexican expressions and at the same time inspire you to be part of the AMAZING and VAST world that Mexican cuisine is!

The name, COOKING WITH FIRE, came to me just recently, thinking of how hard it is for me to cook in other houses here in the USA where you usually find "electric stoves", at least where I am living, it seems that electric stoves are the most popular thing, and for a true Mexican that can be quite frustrating, we need to see the flames of fire, that help us not only "cook" but it is an essential part of our daily living and whole "family experience in the kitchen" the flavors and the aroma that fire creates are incomparable, trust me, everyone should have FIRE in their home!

As you may or may not know, our food (Mexican) has fire all over it, from the passion we have when cooking, to the fire roasted HOT peppers that make us sweat!

I hope you will enjoy this blog! I will try to post 5 times a week! Please join us.... and stay... even if you have an electric stove....

Picture above: My dad grilling.



  1. Oooohhh! Amiga, I can't wait to see what delicious Mexican food you're going to share with all of us. I know you're going to be a HUGE success! :)


    I'm adding the link to your new blog on my recipe blog. :)

  2. AWW Leslie! Thanks a lot! I am so happy to see you here! I was hoping for it!

    Big hugs to you too! Do you realize you wrote the very first comment on the very first post??? ;) ... I love it! :D

  3. I love the name of your new blog! Don't worry, I'm sure you will love coffee again after the baby comes. I gave up coffee when I was pregnant and nursing, and now I love it more than ever!

    I really wish I had a gas stove, and not electric...I was just telling my husband that the other day. I do love to use our grill, and I grill a lot, especially in the summer!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Ginny! I can't wait to go back to drinking coffee with hubby! ;) It was such a special routine we had... I must say the other day I craved coffee in the morning and enjoyed a good cup of it... so.... who knows... it might come back sooner than I think :D

    Yes, cooking on a gas stove is so different... Hopefully one day you can get one! ;) Big Hugs Ginny! It's such a great thing to have you here!

  5. This is going to be soooooo good. Glad you started it, but please don't stress yourself with daily blogs...every other day would be fine while you're busy creating a new life!

  6. Thanks Dear Sharlene! I am so glad to know you are liking it! You are absolutely right... I put pressure on myself trying to keep up everyday... I'll just do my best ;) ... Big Hugs! And thanks for always supporting my projects!


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