Monday, July 19, 2010


Hola amigos! A new week has started and for me it's started in a very special way! My mom and grandma' from Mexico are visiting for 3 weeks! isn't that wonderful? My house feels like Mexico, my hubby has been great, trying to speak some Spanish with us! He is just so thrilled he gets to eat even more Mexican food! especially since lately I haven't been cooking as much... By the way, did I tell you the embarrassment I went through the other day? My neighbor (Tracy) came to help hubby move a big file cabinet out so we could get a room ready for my mom and grandma' .... He's been great following my blog and promoting it on his FB profile... So, he came, probably expecting the "aromas, colors and flavors" I have been speaking about here, and he found me eating Mac n' Cheese and Mashed potatoes for dinner... and they weren't even real mashed potatoes (or mac n' cheese) it was all from a box and fake cheese.... Well, I have the excuse of the pregnancy! don't I? Anyway... I felt so bad that the next day that I was craving "entomatadas" I decided I would make them NO MATTER WHAT! No more excuses!

And this is what I made:

Of course I had to make rice too! I wish I would've gone far enough to make refried beans too (or at least I wish I had a can of good refried beans) but I didn't, but I must say they were AMAZING! I enjoyed them so much! And I was really happy I made them, next time I will have my neighbors over for some entomatadas so they see that I truly cook Mexican stuff too!

Would you like the recipe for these? I bet you do! You have to make them! I could write the recipe here, but I don't need to, my friend Leslie Limon has a great Authentic recipe to make entomatadas here: La Cocina de Leslie

I know you will love them! Let me know how they turned out for you!




  1. Hi Paloma! Glad to see your new blog! I love it! Now I will be able to make authentic Mexican dishes. How are you my dear? I'll follow you again through here.

  2. Amiga! I am so glad you liked the entomatadas! :)

  3. Nichole / CheeseburgerJuly 22, 2010 at 3:42 PM

    no recipe for the rice.... ??

  4. Hi Mhel! It's so awesome to see you here! I will be visiting you soon! I promise! ;)

    Leslie: I love entomatadas! I always have! and your recipe is so clear I thought everyone should try it!

    Nichole: I promise I will share the recipe for the rice very very soon!

    Hugs everyone!


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