Friday, July 9, 2010

A guilt free Snack... WITH FIRE!

Hello my friends! I hope you are enjoying this blog so far! Today is a hot day in Wisconsin (it's been pretty hot this week) and it got me thinking of what I would be eating if I was in Mexico right now... and I know that for sure I would be stopping one of those "carritos de fruta ambulantes" (mobile fruit stands) which you can find in any street of Mexico, especially during Summer!

But... I can make my own here... at least it will be pretty close to it:

What you will need to make your own "fruta con chile" "fruit with chili powder" (yes, now you know where the fire is!) is:

Note: You can use any of the following fruits... or all of your favorite ones in the list below and mix them.... I highly recommend to use JICAMA (you will see what it is below) and cucumber too!

Cucumber (peeled and sliced)
 Jicama (peeled and sliced) (jicama = j√≠cama = yam bean = Mexican yam bean = ahipa = saa got = Chinese potato = Mexican potato = Chinese turnip  Pronunciation: HIH-kuh-ma)
Slices of a fresh coconut
Cubes of Watermelon
Mango (in slices or cubes)
Orange wedges
Slices of pineapple

FRESH lime juice (about 1/2 lime per cup of fruit), 
Salt to taste
Chili powder (you can use ground bird pepper "chile piquin molido" or the bottles with chili powder  for fruit ... Brands "Tajin or Trechas")

and you are good to go!

If you are going to go for Mango... it's better if that's on its own with the lime, salt and chili powder and not mix it with other fruits... if you go for the other fruits (and the jicama root) they can ALL BE MIXED TOGETHER... it will look BEAUTIFUL! The amount of chili powder will be according to the amount of heat you can tolerate... so start with a little bit and taste it and add more as you like.

Here is an example of jicama with chile:

There you have it! The refreshing flavor of Mexico on your table! I hope you go for it and try it! Whenever I've been on diets and trying to lose weight I've found that eating "jicama and cucumber" like this really satisfies my cravings and I don't need "chips" and things like that.... Jicama has only 46 calories per cup and cucumber even less!!! cucumber has only 16 calories per cup... So... even if you are on a diet you can live the Mexican experience too!




  1. Sounds delicious! - And thanks - I'm still enjoying your Starbucks gift! Sigh! What a delight!

  2. Oh! I am glad! :) ... Thanks for stopping by! I hope you get to eat fruit "Mexican style" ;)

  3. Very Cool! ( I don't know if I should say "cool" in a blogspot about fire but anyway.. ) Did you take those pictures here in Matamoros?

    Even the " I believe is not butter" container is a tradition jaja..

    See you later.. Primeramente Dios en Diciembre

    Denise ( Just in case you had not guessed it already )

  4. I believe is not butter? Or I can't believe it's not butter? ha ha ha... oh sister! besides it's not even that brand LOL!!! Yes... I took the pic in Matamoros, Tamps., Mexico! :) When we were there in 2008!

  5. today is the first day in your new blog!!! i will be checking it out at list once a month love you fruit cup recipie!! keep the excelent work and i hope one of this days you be able to drink coffe again!!!


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