Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just a little sneak peek... of tomorrow's post

We are having friends over tonight! so we are getting ready for a "Mexican Style" Grill out!

We have great Mexican ingredients... and I will be sharing with you all about it tomorrow...

Right now... I just want to leave you with this picture:

Banana peppers stuffed with queso fresco! (before they are grilled... YES... THEY WILL BE GRILLED TOO!)


Trust me... they have a very mild heat (they have been properly cleaned inside and out to make sure of this) and the flavor is just... mmmh! you will have to try it.... I will let you know how to make them... tomorrow! You can add these to any grill out! And they are SOOOO GOOD!




  1. Ooh amiga! Great minds think alike! We had carne asada for lunch today at my suegra's and we made these grilled, stuffed chilies! I even took pics to post on my recipe blog when I finally get my computer fixed. You know, I didn't know the English name for these chilies. I think after living in Mexico for the past 10 years, I'm forgetting my English! :)

    Now back to these chilies! They are my favorites. I don't need the carne asada if we have these chilies and grilled onions! :) DELICIOUS! :)

  2. WOW Leslie! What a coincidence ;) .... I love those chilies! Yep... share the pics! I'd love to see them! We had grilled onions too (of course) ... BTW... I am stuffed! LOL!


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