Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Carne Asada

Good morning everyone! As I promised, I will share with you our "Sunday Dinner".... It was "Carne Asada" (Grilled meat).

For us, Mexicans, Grilling or BBQing is a WHOLE experience, it has to do with the open flames, the flavors and the aromas, forget about GAS GRILLS! (Gas is for our stoves), to grill we use charcoal or MESQUITE wood (among other types of wood) but never gas... In Mexico we can grill pretty much everything. Grilling takes us back to our very origins; actually, even when Mexico has very modern cities, like Monterrey, (which by the way got hit really badly by Hurricane Alex) many places are proud to offer really "old fashioned" and GOOD cooking, and it's all done over the open flame, Monterrey is actually known for its famous "Cabrito" (baby goat), usually cooked on a stick, directly over the fire, it is just DELICIOUS!

So, as Mexicans, we basically grill whatever we have available, from vegetables, tortillas, cheese, beans, fish or any other meats, the specialties vary from State to State (and sometimes from city to city)

So, on Sunday, hubby and I had friends over (a wonderful couple with beautiful kids!) and we decided to grill out, whenever I say "let's grill out", hubby still thinks of hamburgers and brats, but he is getting used to my grilling... Our grill isn't as big as I'd like it to be, so we are kind of limited by the space and time, but hopefully we will get one big (never gas) grill soon!

This was our menu

Grilled banana peppers stuffed with queso fresco (Mexican style cheese)
Thinly sliced sirloin steaks
Mexican Chorizo
Salsa verde, pico de gallo
Grilled onions
and glass bottled coke (imported from Mexico)

Forgive my "fine china" I am using mostly disposable stuff to avoid the load of dishes, I don't feel like washing much stuff lately

All the ingredients we needed we got at "El Rey" a Mexican Supermarket close to our house, you can find the "Mexican coke" there too... it's not expensive and it does taste different (way better) than the American Coke (which I wonder why).

For dessert we had a very American Apple Pie (baked in a bag) we got at wonderful store The Elegant Farmer about 30 mins. away from home, they are the proud holders of the title of the "Best Pie in America" and some coffee (which I didn't drink, I just can't drink coffee yet...)

Please stay connected... I will be sharing in the following days the recipes so you can have this same menu the next time you grill.... and you will have a very authentic and really Mexican GUACAMOLE (no taco mix, no sour cream, no garlic powder!)




  1. Nichole / CheeseburgerJuly 13, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    Hey Paloma! The reason mexican coke tastes different is because they use real sugar in Mexico. But they use high fructose syrup in the USA. Pepsi is the same. It is because of a government conspiracy to keep sugar farmers in florida employed, b/c they can't compete with the world cost of sugar, so they put huge tariffs on it. As a result the candy and soda industry uses HFCS where they can instead of sugar to save on cost. Here in Canada, pepsi/coke use sugar too - i hate it when I go back to the states... the corn syrup just tastes nasty to me.

  2. WOW Nichole... I had no idea! that would definitely make sense!

    Thanks for stopping by!!! ;)


  3. My hubby LOVES cooking with fire. I may have to become a frequent reader of your blog!!

  4. That would be AWESOME Linda! It would be great to see you around! You have a great husband ;) LOL! :)

  5. I was just about to say it, but Nicole stole my thunder! TASTE is only one of the MANY differences that makes REAL Sugar superior to High Fructose Corn Syrup! Everyone, rescue your central nervous systems from HFCS!!! When you choose to indulge, choose Mexican Coke! (...sorry Paloma, I'm done now;)

  6. I agree Moongarden! And feel free to express your opinion here ALWAYS! YEAH! MEXICAN COKE ROCKS! LOL!


  7. I'm going to have to run across the street to la tiendita for a Mexican Coke! Me lo tomare a tu salud! :)

    I think it's wonderful that you're sharing your authentic Mexican food with your family and friends in the U.S. (And on the blog!)


    Una pregunta: Como va tu embarazo? Si no me quieres contestar aqui, ve a mi perfil y alli esta mi correo. :)

  8. Salud Leslie!!! glu glu glu glu he he ;)

    I miss the "tienditas" too.... !! Oh! How I miss them!!!

    I love sharing about our food!!!

    Y mi embarazo va muy bien, todavia no sabemos que es, yo te mando un e-mail pronto! Besitos!

  9. Gas grilling? No WAY!!! My son has become a master at grilling...no one beats his bbq pork!
    I will be following you...learning new and fresh ideas to pass on to him. Thanks.

    And thanks for the information about Mexican Coke. I'll be looking for it this week. Do you put anything on your chicken and steak when grilling? Do you make your own salsa verde?
    Jane (Artfully graced)


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