Welcome to "Cooking With Fire"

I am so excited to start this new blog which will mainly be about Authentic Mexican Food, some of you may already know me from "The Coffee Shop"  if not, then just know that I am passionate about food and cooking for my family and I love blogging about it all! I hope in "Cooking with Fire" I can answer questions, make you laugh, share Mexican "old sayings" and at the same time inspire you to be part of the AMAZING and VAST world that Mexican cuisine is! I hope the name doesn't "throw you off" and you think I am going to be sharing recipes to make only "hot/spicy food" You will find everything here! food for your family! Food for your friends and food for the little ones.

The name, COOKING WITH FIRE, came to me, thinking of how hard it is for me to cook in other houses here in the USA where you usually find "electric stoves", at least where I am living, it seems that electric stoves are the most popular thing, and for a true Mexican that can be quite frustrating, we need to see the flames of fire, that help us not only "cook" but it is an essential part of our daily living and whole "family experience in the kitchen" the flavors and the aroma that fire creates are incomparable, trust me, everyone should have FIRE in their home!

As you may or may not know, our food (Mexican) has fire all over it, from the passion we have when cooking, to the fire roasted HOT peppers that make us sweat!

I hope you will enjoy this blog! I will try to post 5 times a week! Please join us.... and stay... even if you have an electric stove....

My mom... cooking Mole
My dad! he is an amazing baker

My handsome husband, with two "taqueros" in Mexico

Random street in Mexico: You can find produce... pretty much anywhere!

A guy selling candy outside a school in Mexico
You can find these fruit carts in any street in Mexico. Very common treat!

So come on in... and start COOKING WITH FIRE!