Monday, September 19, 2011

Mexican Ingredients and FIESTA

This time I just want to share that I am very excited I found a store that sells most of the Mexican Ingredients I am so used to and I SOOO NEED to be able to cook my Authentic Mexican Food and share it with all of you!

On Saturday we went to "FIESTA" Supermarket... It is a very "colorful" store... It has the whole "Mexican feeling" and... well.. I'll let my gringo, my husband, describe it more to you, because it is only through HIS EYES that I actually REALIZE how different it is from the rest of the American Supermarkets. For me, it is basically a "normal store", of course I realize it is different but I can't even explain it as clear as he does... you'll see what I am talking about so... Here is my husband to share about it:

"When you approach the store you are met by outside vendors that sell a variety of items like posters, purses or music CDs.  Upon entering you realize you can purchase a flat screen TV, get it financed with zero credit history, get your hair cut, purchase produce, or buy jewelry in the produce department.  You can pick out your own live fish for dinner, buy cups, plates, utensils, glassware, cooking ware, have a full meal there and purchase underwear, shoes, shirts, pants or whatever you need for your person.  And if you are not sure if the clothes will fit, there are dressing rooms located in the frozen section." - JK

Well, there you go! That's basically what "FIESTA" is!  If you think this Mexican store is diverse, Mexico is even more.  You can find new and old, big and small, traditional and modern, poor and rich all in the same street! Now I am going to share some of the ingredients I got there and I'll be talking more about them as I cook and blog about it all!
Nopalitos (Fresh Cactus)
For our desserts
Chile Ancho
Chile Cascabel
The Flour my dad has always baked with

Corn Tortilla (FRESH!!)
Tortilla Roja (Red Tortillas)
Achiote (Annato Seed Paste)
Banana Leaves
 I hope you are as excited to try all these ingredients as I am to cook with them and introduce them to you! I hope you get to know them well and make them YOURS and part of your common ingredients in your kitchen!

I know you were probably expecting a new recipe but don't worry... Just be a little patient... More is coming! Just today I made "Cochinita Pibil" so I'll be sharing that recipe on my next post.

Thanks again to my wonderful husband not only for always looking for places for me to find what I, as a Mexican, need but also for getting involved with my culture and enjoying it with me!

Un abrazo!


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  1. I love it lol, dressing rooms located in the frozen section. too funny


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