Friday, September 16, 2011

Mexican Independence Day!

Hello friends! I couldn't let this day pass without a post! Because today (and not "Cinco de Mayo") Mexico celebrates its "independence" it seems that we need to fight again to gain it all over again but that's a different topic I won't get into... so, anyway... The way we celebrate Mexican's Independence is HUGE! When hubby and I first met in person (we actually met online and started dating online) he visited Mexico for the first time and since he was there in September he could witness and experience for himself what "Mexico's Independence Day" is all about! Noise, Music, Lots of Fireworks, Passion, Screaming (We actually do most of it on Sept. 15th at 11 p.) We have our "Grito" - Our leaders/rulers/mayors/governors/President go outside the city hall/"Mexican 'White House' and re-enact the proclamation of Independence and SCREAM: VIVA MEXICO! VIVA MEXICO! VIVA MEXICO! and also mention the Heroes that fought to earn Mexico's Independence...The celebration basically lasts all month and you can see the streets decorated with "papel picado"  (colorful paper decorations) and there are bands and dancing groups every night in every city square... at least that's the way it's always been and that's what Josh got to experience when he was down there! He really loved it! And I was so happy to get to share and live that part of my culture with him. Of course one of the most important things during these celebrations is... FOOD! "Antojitos Mexicanos" are served EVERYWHERE: Sopes, tacos, tostadas, mole, menudo, pozole, aguas frescas, churros and much more is part of the menu of the "night" (do not expect to sleep that night) There are parties everywhere (schools, homes, offices, churches) everywhere and FOOD is like the "center" of it all, and we all usually get dressed in a very "old Mexican" way... I love it all! I hope if you ever visit Mexico you have the opportunity to be there in September 15-16 so you get to live it all first-hand! Trust me... Any description anybody can make of it all is nothing compared to living the REAL THING! I wish I could've celebrated last night as I should've but it was impossible... hopefully next year I'll get to have a big Mexican party and can cook many of the traditional Mexican dishes to share it all with you!
Josh enjoying "Morning Street Tacos" in Mexico - Sept. 2006

Josh and I celebrating Mexican's Independence Sept. 2006

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