Friday, July 15, 2011

No more fire in my kitchen - tears-

I am so happy to announce that we will be moving closer to my "Mexico Lindo y Querido" (my beautiful and beloved Mexico), Right now I am in Wisconsin and it is hard to find good restaurants that offer Authentic Mexican food and find those wonderful flavors and aromas that I miss so much!.

By the way... Hold your thought there.. I just want to take an opportunity and mention that even when it's hard to find places like that (at least in Milwaukee) I am happy to say that today is the very 5th anniversary of the ONLY PLACE I've found here in Milwaukee that offers the unique combination of flavor, aroma, authenticity and fine dining that Mexico is characterized by (not hard shell tacos or anything like that) ... Antigua Latin Restaurant <--- I hope you'll visit and "LIKE" them. And I will be having dinner there tonight! "Happy birthday Antigua!"

So... anyway... going back to my subject, I was saying that I am moving, and even when I'll be closer to my country and I am sure I'll be able to find more real ingredients and also good places to find authentic Mexican dishes and I am mostly thankful I'll be closer to my family there, etc... etc... MY VERY KITCHEN will be lacking that "fire" that I soooo much need to cook! Yes... we are moving to an apartment, and gas stoves are not an option! ... devastating! how can anybody cook with electricity! I mean...don't get me wrong... I understand HOW... I just can't get the "why?" ... and I am not talking about safety, etc...  I am talking about flavor, convenience and OPTIONS that cooking with FIRE gives you... so... anyway... I guess I'll have to get used to it! I'll let you know how I do...



  1. Aw... I feel for you... since we built our house 3 years ago and put gas in, I can't imagine cooking any other way! I would just LOVE to come eat one of your authentic meals! :)

  2. right mikki??? I know! It will be a hard adjustment! I would love to be able to share real Mexican cooking with everyone! ;)


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