Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Cantina Tacos" from Taco Bell

So... It seems my previous post (the one about Mole) wasn't as "appealing" as I thought it would be ... LOL! And I understand it... Trust me... even I don't know how chocolate and things like that can taste good on chicken... But... You can't even taste the chocolate in "Mole"... just this rich sauce that makes chicken oh! so good!

I will be posting tomorrow all of the ingredients of the original "Mole Poblano" when made from scratch so you have an idea and hopefully get you all more interested on it.

Right now, I am just coming back from Taco Bell, yes, a real Mexican eating in Taco Bell, I go there when I feel like eating something "American" ... Hubby laughs because he says that his mom used to say: "We are having Mexican food tonight!" and she would immediately take the hard "U shaped" shells out!

Anyway... I went there because someone (my neighbor and dear friend Tracy) told me I should try their new "real Tacos" .... He said: "They have the real stuff now, corn tortillas and onions, and cilantro" ... Sounded good, huh? And it looked even better in the picture when I got there... I don't know if Tracy, my friend, has actually tried those tacos (I truly do not remember if he said he tried them or he just saw they had them) but.... well... Let me just say this: They are not wrong to advertise them like "Cantina Tacos" they taste like they were cooked by someone who probably had too much to drink! What a disappointment!

The options are "chicken, pulled pork -carnitas- and steak", I didn't feel like trying the chicken one, so I ordered 2 "carnitas" and 1 "steak".... Each taco is made with 2 corn tortillas, which by the way they couldn't even warm up properly... I mean... if you can't even warm up a tortilla then don't use 2 for each taco! The tortillas were breaking apart because they weren't warm all the way through... so... Now you know that to warm up a tortilla you must know how to do it too... You can't just let your "fingers" tell you they are "warm" you need to actually SEE the tortilla forming some "air pockets" where the INSIDE of the tortilla is warming up too!

Then.. The steak tasted nothing like "Mexican steak" but it was "ok" .... Just don't ask me about the carnitas... oh! Don't even get me started... it was more like a "spreadable greasy something" with pieces of onions and cilantro....

I must say "Thanks for trying!" But I ended up eating a "hard shell taco" I will stick to those when I go to Taco Bell... I truly enjoyed the "hard shell taco" at least I know what those are all about....  I don't MEAN to be MEAN... I am not a Taco Bell hater... I actually enjoy some of their stuff... But I guess they should leave the "Mexican stuff alone" it's not their thing ...

I was thinking that I probably would've liked those "cantina tacos" if I wasn't "expecting the real deal" but.... not... it's not even that.... at least the tortillas were nothing good...

Vecino! (neighbor) ... Now I feel guilty because if you try or tried those tacos and you thought they could be "the real deal"... then I truly truly should be making some tacos soon for all of you ! - I know I am all promises and never really make anything :(

Above: My handsome gringo enjoying a "taquiza" (taco dinner) in Mexico.

Big Hugs for all of you... and Provecho!



  1. Whenever I eat at Taco Bell, I always have a craving to make my own, real tacos at home...I make them much better! Of course, they are still American tacos! :)

  2. Yes! I am sure your version is better! You should give me your recipe ;)


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